Please, not another travel blog!

I know what you’re thinking! “Here’s another twenty-year-old longing for his fifteen minutes of fame.” As president-elect Trump would say: “WRONG!” While I savor the thought of helping someone plan their next trip, this blog is mainly for me – as a reminder that life should be more than just work.

What’s your biggest fear?

Washington Monument.“What’s your biggest fear?” Really? I know, good job on the clichés, Ben. While it’s not exactly the sexiest of conversation starters, I do need to tell you about mine. I used to quiver at the mere thought of being forgotten. Growing up, I struggled to leave my mark in various ways. In high school, I was the nerd trying to ace that final exam while everyone was secretly out drinking. I was a people-pleaser, always trying to set the example while honing my craft. I had this urge to be better, stronger and faster than everyone else – metaphorically, of course, because I’m a web designer and the gym is my nemesis.

But of course, I can only run so fast and at one point I felt like I was done making progress. With traveling being the only thing to keep me sane, I realized that my ambition was preventing me from nurturing my other dreams. I was hungry for more of the good things in life but wasn’t sure what those were anymore. My biggest fear was no longer being forgotten, but not being able to remember. And that’s why I made this blog – as a conscious effort to remember and recognize the amazing places & fascinating people I have been fortunate enough to come across.

But rest assured, I’ll still be the best damn blogger I can be. Competitive Ben is still out there.

So what to expect?

When I was just fifteen years old, I convinced my parents to send me on a trip to California with a group of Belgians. In order to fully understand the local community, the organization matched me with a host family to teach me about the American way of life. I’m not sure what brought us together, but those people changed my life. They took me in and allowed to me to come home. That’s why this blog is dedicated to the United States only – I don’t pretend to know everything but it is my goal to get to know the place I love even better.

Here’s an overview of the things you’ll find on this blog:

  • 50 State Challenge.
    A peek into my bucket list complete with reviews of all the states I’ve visited so far. I’ll tell you about the tourist traps to avoid in order to visit the gems you’ve never even heard about.
  • Road Trips.
    Want to plan your own trip? I’ll break down the routes I’ve followed so you know exactly where to get started. Let’s talk transportation, money and more!
  • Sightseeing.
    Not sure if a place, activity or excursion is for you? I’ll be blunt and tell you whether it’s a tourist trap you might as well avoid or a gem worth visiting. These posts will always be labeled either “gem” or a “tourist trap.”
  • Travel Tips.
    Anything goes! Accommodation, transportation and most importantly… Food! I know you’re busy and stressing about your next big adventure, so let me help by rounding up some things I’ve learned over the years. I’ll show you the good, the bad and the cheap!
  • Moments.
    Probably the one part of the blog no one but me cares about. A safe place for me to share personal moments that took place during my travels throughout the U.S.


In no way do I pretend to be an expert on the United States. In fact, there’s so much I have not discovered yet that I’m open to suggestions. If you have questions, concerns or things you want me to try out for you – shoot me an email at

  • I’m competitive.
  • Traveling makes me a better person.
  • Ill be sharing road trips, travel tips and reviews.
  • Comment!

Ben Voyage!

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Committed to visiting all 50 states & sharing my experiences. Constantly squeezing my brain for road trips, travel tips and more. I just try to have fun and keep the bucket list going. ✈️ 🇺🇸

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