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Got some balls? Save some money!

Do you want to know a secret? You can invite your loved ones on a trip and only spend about half the amount you normally would on accommodation. How, you ask? Simple – all you need is a big set of balls. This hack is probably not entirely legal, but everyone deserves a cheap vacation – so sue me.

The more the merrier?

Here’s the deal: the more people occupy a certain space, the cheaper said space should be – right? Wrong! In our backward society, hotel rooms become increasingly more expensive as its number of occupants rises. It’s a subtle injustice that most people fail to pay attention to. I, for one, hadn’t noticed I was paying way more than I should until I accidentally entered some incorrect information in the hotel’s search engine.

So what exactly had happened? Instead of entering the correct number of guests (four), I told the system only two people would be staying the night. Just like that, I was presented with a double queen room – meaning two double beds. As soon as I caught on to my mistake, I adjusted the search terms and was presented with the exact same room. Only now, it cost about twice as much. 

Act casual.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not an idiot. I figured, why not just book the cheaper room? So I did, and guess what happened? That’s right – a whole lot of nothing! I’d just saved about $150 on accommodation and all we had to do was act casual to the hotel staff.

Simply have the correct amount of people present during the check-in process while the rest of your group waits outside. Once inside the room, let them know your location so that they can casually walk in. No one will ever know.

Put your money where your mouth’s at!

I know this method is a little shady, but I’ll show you just how easy it is. Here’s what I came across for a recent stay in Las Vegas. I managed to pay just $42 instead of $102 – saving me 60 bucks! 

This was only a one-night stay, but imagine what you can gain in the long term. Tell me you’re not tempted. I know you are.


In short: you can save money by conning the booking system. Get your four-person queen room by pretending there are just two people in your party. Same room, different price. You can thank me later.

  • Act casual during check-in.
  • Never have too many people walk in at once.
  • This is probably not legal, but come on. You can’t resist.

Let me know what happens. If you get arrested, I’ll come bail you out!

Ben Voyage, cheapskates!

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