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Rise and Dine: DTLA’s Top Breakfast Hangouts for Hipsters

Rise and Dine: DTLA’s Top Breakfast Hangouts for Hipsters

If there’s one thing I know about our generation, it’s that we take our breakfast seriously. Avocado toast, artisan coffee and Instagram-worthy dishes: it’s not just a morning meal, it’s a lifestyle.

I believe that breakfast should be a memorable experience – a moment to indulge our inner foodie and to remind ourselves that life is too short for bland cereal. With brunch spots becoming the backdrop to our most cherished moments, it has become key to hit up the places that elevate this experience.

The Best Breakfast in DTLA

Got hungry reading that? Good – because I’ve scoured the streets of DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) to bring you three breakfast hangouts that are so hip even your avocado toast will want to take notes.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of classic breakfast staples, an avocado aficionado or simply seeking an experience that speaks to your inner hipster: DTLA has just the place for you.

So get ready to “rise and dine” at these trendy spots where every bite will create memories lasting long after your plates are cleared.

#1 – Eggslut: where eggs take center stage

DTLA's Top Breakfast Hangouts

First up, the egg-centric haven that’s on everyone’s bucket list – Eggslut. It’s the Disneyland of breakfast joints, but with eggs instead of roller coasters. The lines are equally outrageous but don’t panic just yet: no express passes are needed, as the chefs move faster than you can say “yolk”.

Omelette you finish, but Eggslut DTLA definitely lives up to the hype. Why scramble for other options when you can just scramble your eggs?

The Menu

So you’re at place where eggs more than just the sidekick. What should you be getting? These are my 3 personal favorites.

  1. The Slut
    A glass jar filled with a smooth potato purée, a slow-cooked egg, and a sprinkle of salt to take it to the next level. Dip your toasty baguette soldiers in there, and you’ll feel like royalty. This is the kind of egg dish that makes you question why you ever bothered with cereal. Don’t be fooled by the cheeky name because the dish is pure elegance.

  2. The Fairfax Sandwich
    a brioche bun cradling soft scrambled eggs, chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and sriracha mayo. One bite, and you’ll understand why they call it “The Fairfax Cure.”

  3. The Gaucho
    Wagyu tri-tip steak, chimichurri, red onions, and an over-medium egg in a warm brioche bun. It’s breakfast with a carnivore’s twist, and it’ll have you rethinking your morning routine.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of other options on the menu. Apart from a host of burgers, Eggslut also serves truffle hash browns, house-made buttermilk biscuits and an array of fresh juices, coffee and tea.

The Venue

Eggslut DTLA is located in the Grand Central Food market, a bustling warehouse in the heart of Los Angeles. It’s a foodie playground, accommodating more than 13 vendors serving local & international food. And it’s a vibe.

There’s both indoor and outdoor seating but it’s not the place you’re going to spend a quiet morning. If you’re in the mood for a quick bite and want to get on with your day, this is your best bet.

The Fairfax Sandwich
The Fairfax Sandwich
Eggslut DTLA
Eggslut DTLA

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States
08:00 AM – 02:00 PM daily

#2 – Poppy + Rose: quality food by quality people

Avocado Benedict

This place is impressive in more than one way. Poppy + Rose was established in 2014 by dynamic husband-wife duo Michael Reed and Kwini Reed. In recent years, they’ve collected a number of awards, including ‘Best Breakfast in LA’, ‘Best Chicken Sandwich in LA’ & ‘Best Chicken & Waffles in LA’.

Michael & Kwini are quality people, frequently giving back to the community, supporting hospitals, children’s organizations and more through financial assistance and meal donations.

The Menu

Poppy + Rose serves comfort food with a Southern twist. You could also get a salad, but why would you?

  1. The Avocado Benedict
    A mouthwatering masterpiece in which poached eggs meet flaky biscuits smothered in hollandaise sauce. It’s so good it should come with a warning label, because this dish “may cause breakfast addiction.”

  2. Fried Chicken + Waffles
    Brace yourself because this is not your average fried chicken and waffles. It’s crispy, fluffy, and so good that it’s almost suspicious. The secret? A drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of hot sauce. It’s a taste sensation that’ll make your taste buds do the cha-cha-cha.

  3. Pulled Pork Hash
    A brick hash, topped with barbecue pulled pork, two eggs and crème fraîche. It sounds simple, but this dish tastes – and looks – like a masterpiece.

Poppy + Rose serves up all the seasonal classics and then some. They have multiple variations on their dishes, making sure there are plenty of veggie-friendly alternatives. The best vegetarion option? Their cocktails and mimosa’s, including the Rose Mojito, Lavender Wine Spritzer or the Spiked Limeade.

The Venue

Poppy + Rose is nestled right in the heart of the Flower District, a six block floral marketplace consisting of nearly 200 flower dealers. If you want to walk off the calories after breakfast, this would be a good starting point.

The restaurant itself has plenty of indoor seating and recently expanded with the Poppy Patio, an outdoor – and thankfully shaded – rooftop area. This is the place to be on a sunny day!

Pulled Pork Hash
Pulled Pork Hash
Pink Limeade
Pink Limeade

765 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90014, United States

09:00 AM – 03:00 PM daily

#3 – Pitchoun Bakery: family-owned pastry paradise

Pitchoun Bakery

Pitchoun truly is the pièce de résistance on this list. This quaint pastry shop brings the Parisian charm to the streets of DTLA – and it tells a family story: Frédéric and Fabienne Souliès are both French nationals who moved to the US with the intent of sharing their best family recipes. The name “Pitchoun” is a French term meaning “kiddo”, referring to the couple’s three “pitchouns”.

I’m European and I love my bread so there was no way I was going to wrap up this list without featuring a bakery. But let’s talk bread. Trust me when I say you haven’t truly experienced bread until you’ve savored the delight of a perfectly crafted baguette. And right here is the closest you’ll get to that Parisian perfection. So, don your beret, practice your “oui” and head over to pastry heaven.

The Menu

While you’re here, I would recommend getting 2 pastries per person. Your best bet is to order a few more to sample with your group, so your taste buds are free to explore.

  1. Chocolatine
    Let’s start with the OG chocolate roll. This is my litmus test in every bakery around the world. Flaky, buttery and downright addictive – Pitchoun’s chocolatine is like a warm hug from your French grandma (even if you don’t have one). Pair it with a latte, and you’re officially living your best breakfast life.

  2. Éclair
    These beauties are practically art pieces. They’re like the runway models of pastries – tall, slender, and dressed to impress. Imagine delicate choux pastry filled with velvety cream and topped with a flavorful glaze. This might be my favorite pastry ever. #OohLaLa

  3. Cannelé de Bordeaux
    Try pronouncing that without feeling a little fancy! This little darling is the cool cousin of the cupcake – it’s flavored with rum and vanilla, has a tender custard center and a thick caramelized crust. And did I mention the rum?

Pitchoun also serves breakfast plates, sandwiches and parfaits. But while you’re here, I recommend focusing on the real delights on offer: French pastries prepared by a French chef. You can’t possibly go wrong!

PS – sometimes Pitchoun serves the Supreme Croissant (a filled cylindrical croissant). If this one is on offer, it is a NO-BRAINER.

The Venue

Pitchoun is located in the Financial District, right by Pershing Square. The offer plenty of indoor & outdoor seating, but pastries are particularly great for breakfast on the go. If you’re pressed for time, just grab some treats and get walking.

Pitchoun Bakery
Pitchoun Bakery Outside

545 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

08:00 AM – 03:00 PM daily

DTLA’s Top Breakfast Hangouts

Next time you’re wandering the streets of downtown Los Angeles, let your cravings guide the way.

Whether you’re diving into a gooey egg sandwich, savoring a country-style breakfast or indulging in French pastries that are pure poetry, remember that DTLA’s breakfast scene is there to make your morning moments memorable.

Stay hungry, stay hip!

Ben Voyage!

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