AirFly Pro on in-flight entertainment system

AirFly Pro: pairing your bluetooth headphones with the in-flight entertainment system

You checked in 24 hours ago, set a sassy out-of-office reply and now the cabin crew is paging group 7 like it’s a VIP party. It’s time to jet off on that long-haul adventure you’ve been penny-pinching for. Well done, you’ve earned it.

But then you settle into your seat, eager to scroll through the in-flight movie catalogue. And it hits you: you won’t be able to use your AirPods – or any bluetooth headphones for that matter. Now what?


Let’s talk about the elephant in the cabin. Vacations are great, but long flights suck: they wear out your perfect skin, they come with horrifying turbulence or even worse – with crying babies. These flights also force you to use the airline’s basic, wired headphones that start to hurt 5 minutes in.

Did I really splurge on AirPods just to have American Airlines send my ears back a decade? I don’t think so. So say hello to my new travel BFF – the AirFly Pro, the gadget that’s about to untangle your life, one earbud at a time.

Pairing your bluetooth headphones

Premium audio at 30.000 feet

The AirFly Pro is a compact Bluetooth transmitter that lets you connect your wireless earbuds to any device with a headphone jack. Think about it – no more wrestling with the airline’s (or your own) rickety headphones. Just plug this baby into the headphone jack, pair it with your wireless device and you’re back in audio heaven. It really is that simple.

This device truly is idiot-proof & well designed. I observed my dad (67) as he traveled with it for the very first time. In less than 20 seconds, he had powered up the device and connected his headphones. I was impressed – and so was he. The AirFly Pro only has a single button (to enter pairing mode) and a small switch on the side (to set the device to receiving or transmitting).

Pairing your bluetooth headphones

There are three AirFly models: the AirFly SE, AirFly Duo and AirFly Pro. I decided on the Pro because this little guy just packs serious punch. The battery life is outstanding. I was able to take two 10-hours flights without charging once. The manufacturer promised me 25 hours of battery and they delivered.

The AirFly Pro comes with a switch, allowing you to toggle between transmitting a bluetooth signal and receiving one. That means you can also send audio to the AirFly Pro, transforming it into an AUX-in adapter. So if your car – like mine – doesn’t have bluetooth capabilities, this allows you to generate them. A win for the poor!

Finally, the AirFly Pro can act like an audio splitter allowing you to connect two pairs of wireless headphones. This is particularly useful when two people want to watch a movie on a computer. No more sharing earbuds!

The AirFly SE only comes with the basic bluetooth transmitting function and the AirFly Duo allows you to split audio on top of that. The AirFly Pro is the best of both worlds. So choose wisely & according to your budget!

Bluetooth transmittingX
Bluetooth receivingXX
Audio splittingXXX

Economy seats, first-class entertainment

This tiny little gadget really changed my travel experience for the better. I’m never going to splurge on outrageously pricey seats, but I still managed to upgrade my flight without breaking the bank.

My advice? Don’t leave home without it, and let your travels be as epic as your playlist. Get ready to jet-set in style, untangled and unstoppable! ✈️🎧

Ben Voyage!


The AirFly Pro


The AirFly Pro is a compact Bluetooth transmitter that lets you connect your wireless earbuds to any device with a headphone jack. It also lets you split audio between multiple headphones and can act as a bluetooth receiver - turning any device into a bluetooth speaker. The AirFly Pro is a #winner.

  • Rated 5 out of 5


  • Easy to use
  • Insane battery life
  • Comes with a small bag


  • Cheaper AirFly SE might be sufficient

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